Outdoor cinema opens in Muzeon

Summer is time of beautiful sunsets, long walks and open air cinemas.

KARO network of cinemas opens spot in Muzeon Art Park. The tradition of open air film screenings was created at the beginning of last century. In the 1930s drive-in cinemas, which basically consisted of parking areas with a large movie screen, were very popular in America. In USSR open air screenings were also an important part of leisure of soviet people in towns and villages.

Outdoor  «KARO Muzeon» cinema has a roof and is designed for 350 people. The viewers can sit on comfortable benches or soft puffs and use cozy blankets if it is getting colder.

In addition to cinema novelties, you will be able to see films of  «KARO.Art» program – festival films, classics of native and foreign cinematography and films with subtitles in the original language.

At the opening, July 1 st , the audience will see a movie premiere - a screen version of Stephen Fry's novel «The Hippopotamus» by the director John Jenks. It is a story about a blocked poet, hooligan and a passionate fan of whiskey Ted Wallace, who recieves a strange offer from hisgoddaughter. The character has to go to the mansion of his school friend to investigate a series of miracle healings, which has alarmed the whole aristocratic family.

A grouchy skeptic and cynic Ted is burning with a desire to unmask everyone, but the task appears to be much more difficult, than he could imagine.

Starring Matthew Modine, Russell Tovey, Fiona Shaw, Roger Allam and Adrian Busche.

Other premieres of this year are also featured in the program of the cinema: “I Can Quit Whenever I Want”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Manifesto”, “The Midwife”, “Mr. & Mrs. Adelman»,

RomCom Shorts-2 – seven films of a new comedy series.

The cinema will work the whole summer season. Every day there will be one film session.

The beginning is at 21.40. More information about the program and tickets you can find on the website

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