The Navigator ice rink opens on November 27 in Gorky Park

The start of the winter season in Gorky Park traditionally begins with the opening of the ice rink. "Navigator" will be a literally true winter journey. Adventures are just around the corner!

Taking into account the current situation with the Covid-19, we introduce several new regulations to ensure safe access to the rink this season:

- skating tickets are available online only;

- the visitors’ temperature is measured by a non-contact thermometer at the entrance;

- the pavilions are equipped with sanitizers and disinfectant lamps;

- wearing a mask and gloves is obligatory in the pavilions (if you do not have them, you can buy them in vending machines installed in the pavilions);

- rental skates will be further processed after each use;

- increased number of sessions will allow to monitor the visitor flows and provide sanitization and ventilation of pavilions during breaks.

The design of "Navigator 20°20'- 20°21'" is not just about abstract forms. The brand identity canvas comprises an encryption of notable places in Russia. The ice rink will allow you to move to any latitude and longitude and to see, for example, Western and Eastern peaks of Mount Elbrus; diverging strings of steel cables of the Golden bridge in Vladivostok; the Fisht stadium in Sochi; the battlements of the «Swallow’s Nest» facade in Yalta; cutting through the fog rays of the Murmansk lighthouse; and, finally, the starting and finishing point of the journey – the Gorky Park main entrance.

The prices, rules and additional information about the rink are available here.