Main Entrance

Main Entrance

The monumental development is 24 metres in height, with propylaea, semi-circular wings and metalwork fence forged and casted in stone pillars.

May 11th - the most expected day this summer in the Park. Gorky Park's Main Entrance is opening after the restoration. The complex will include the first ever museum of the Park, viewing platform with panoramic views on the Park and the city, an education center and a gift shop.

About the Main Entrance

Gorky Park Main Entrance was built in 1995 following G Shuko and A Spasov architects' projects. At different times, there were Park's administration departments inside the pylons of the Entrance. In the 70s, cinema- and photo-studio also were located there. The main room was used for technical needs of the Park and has never been open for visitors.

In February 2014, the Main Entrance, as a symbol of the Park and the city was closed for restoration works to take place. The inside part of the building was advanced and the engineering works has been carried out to consolidate the building, leaving the original historical appearance of the Entrance from the outside. The viewing platform has been created on the rooftop of the building. Now you can easily get upstairs using elevators that have been especially installed for the visitors' convenience.

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow: « We are carrying on the recreational works of the Park of Culture and Leisure and keep on working on the number of objects located on its territory. Vorobiovy Hills and Neskuchny Garden restoration works are planed for this year. One of the most serious among those objects is Gorky Park Main Entrance complex restoration.»

Olga Zakharova, Gorky Park Director: «The creation of the viewing platform is an essential part of the restoration process, the functional, bright and unusual decision of the architects. Despite using of Shuko and Spasov architects' plans and schemes during the works, the opportunities that modern age has to offer gave us new ways of construction that only improved the image of the Main Entrance. The surface of the viewing platform is 555 square meters. There is a stunning view on Moscow from 17.3 meters' high. From here, you can see Peter the Great monument, domes of the Cathedral of the Christ the Savior and, of course, Gorky Park form the bird's view!»

Main Entrance project was presented by «PF Grado», «PF Restavratsia».

Gorky Park Museum

First ever museum of Gorky Park has opened its doors inside left pylon of the Main Entrance. Its surface is 150 square meters.

The main exposition consist of the Park's unique archive, the photo and video materials, as well as documents and materials from other Moscow museums. Most of stories will be shared through multimedia installations. He installations will allow the visitors to see the history of the Park and its topography, as well as an evolution of the area through centuries. The museum will also offer an opportunity, although only virtually, to jump from the historical parachute tower.

The young architects from «Novoe» burro helped us to adapt the space of the building to its museum functions, by creating the exposition plans for every room separately. Design of the exposition and the gift shop has also been worked out by the burro.

Gift Shop

You can find many functional things in Gorky Park Gift Shop complete collection of the things you need for leisure in the Park We considered those who came to the Park without having a freezebie, badminton or blanket on them. For the little ones we prepared folding tents and toys.

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